About Absolute Pool

Absolute Pool is your number one source for independent pool coverage, aiming to provide breaking news, previews, interviews and the biggest and best stories from predominantly nineball pool.

Based in the UK and founded on social media in the summer of 2021 and then online a year later, we cover all the major nineball tournaments extensively and provide the latest information from every ranking tournament held across the world.

Our dedicated nineball page features all the latest news and stories in one place with each major tournament having its own section and receiving the well-written, quality content they deserve.

Nineball pool’s most prestigious tournaments include the famous Mosconi Cup, the US Open Pool Championship, the World Pool Championship and the World Pool Masters, all broadcast annually on Sky Sports and DAZN.

Matchroom Pool promote all of the major nineball events across the world and established the world rankings in early 2021, while Predator hold the rights for the Women’s World Championship as well as the World Junior Championships.

In addition, we also provide less extensive but adequate coverage on the Pro Billiard Series and the 10-ball pool scene, with their showpiece staging in the shape of the World 10-Ball Championship taking place annually in March.

Absolute Pool’s coverage is supported by the leading pool website in AZ Billiards and they regularly run our stories as well as featuring them in their monthly Billiards Buzz magazine.