World Pool Masters field revealed as Gorst returns to nineball arena

Photo: Taka Wu / Matchroom

by Ben Hudd • February 8, 2023

The field for the World Pool Masters has been confirmed following the conclusion of the World Pool Championship in Poland, with Fedor Gorst set to return to the nineball arena for May’s tournament.

The prestigious invitational tournament has featured 24 players for each of the last four editions, although the event will revert back to 16 players from this year as the world’s top 14 are joined by two wildcards.

Francisco Sanchez Ruiz will be the number one seed following his World Championship and US Open triumphs, while two-champion Shane van Boening, Joshua Filler, Albin Ouschan and Mario He complete the top five seeds.

Former world champion and newly-crowned Derby City Classic champion Fedor Gorst is set to return to the nineball arena, having missed the recent World Championship due a ban imposed on Russian players by the Polish association.

Two-time Euro Tour winner Wiktor Zielinski and recent World Championship runner-up Mohammad Soufi will both make Masters debuts, having earned maiden appearances by virtue of their success on the nineball circuit.

The World Pool Masters is scheduled to take place between May 10-13, with the tournament set to return to the UK for the first time in eight years. It had previously been held in Gibraltar since 2015.


🇪🇸 Francisco Sanchez Ruiz
🇺🇸 Shane van Boening
🇩🇪 Joshua Filler
🇦🇹 Albin Ouschan
🇦🇹 Mario He
🇬🇧 Jayson Shaw
🇵🇱 Wiktor Zielinski
🇦🇹 Max Lechner
🇬🇷 Alexander Kazakis
🇹🇼 Ko Pin-Yi
🇷🇺 Fedor Gorst
🇳🇱 Niels Feijen
🇸🇾 Mohammad Soufi
🇦🇱 Eklent Kaci

+ two wildcards

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