Spanish amigos Sanchez Ruiz and Alcaide on ‘dream come true’ Mosconi Cup experience

📷 Taka Wu / Matchroom

by Ben Hudd • December 1, 2022

Spanish amigos Francisco Sanchez Ruiz and David Alcaide alluded to them lining up together in European colours as a ‘dream come true’ ahead of the Mosconi Cup in Las Vegas.

Sanchez Ruiz made his anticipated Mosconi Cup debut following an unbelievable season, which witnessed him become the US Open and Derby City Classic champion and secure his Las Vegas bow as the world number one.

Alcaide began his fourth appearance, boasting an impressive record of 11 wins from his 18 matches, after controversially receiving the second wildcard which sparked plenty of discussion on social media.

“It’s a pleasure to play against these champions, especially my American brother Oscar [Dominguez]. But for the next week they don’t have any chance against Europe,” a bullish Alcaide admitted during Monday’s press conference.

“Seeing the criticism about me being selected on Europe on social media was tough, but I respect what everyone has to say. I’m still going to go out there and try my best to win for my team.”

Alcaide and Sanchez Ruiz were crowned the World Cup of Pool champions in the red and yellow of Spain earlier this year, and the close friends will be vying to emulate that feat in the blue and yellow of Europe.

“We were travelling together for the last ten years maybe, and so many times we’ve talked about winning the World Cup of Pool or playing in the Mosconi Cup together,” Alcaide expressed.

“It’s impressive how you feel when you’re in the team, it’s difficult to express but it’s a dream come true every time. It’s a dream of both of ours to make it together, and now we have done it and will give our maximum for the team.”

Sanchez Ruiz, meanwhile, added: “We’ve trained a lot to make this happen. We were talking about making at the Mosconi at every moment. Playing together is going to be an amazing feeling and I think it’s going to be one of the best experiences of our lives.

“I feel more confident with David on the team because we practise together everyday so I think he’s helped me a lot. But also these other champions, we will be working together this week and I feel great.”

Sanchez Ruiz was recorded during an emotional phone call back home to his father as he clinched Mosconi Cup qualification at October’s US Open, with his dad overcoming his fears to make the journey across the world.

“It’s an amazing feeling and I want to say a massive thank you to all the fans from Europe and especially the Spanish fans,” the 30-year-old from Murcia concluded.

“I know that it’s a long trip, especially for my father who is scared of flying. He promised me that if I made the Mosconi he was going to go. He’s here, he’s ready and the team is ready.”

Sanchez Ruiz and Alcaide enjoyed winning starts to the Mosconi Cup, only for an impressive victory for Skyler Woodward to help the Americans gain a 3-1 ascendancy heading into the second day.

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